Rabbit Processing

Learning the art of identifying quality animals in a growers barn is essential in developing long term success of the rabbitry.  Some breeds have unique traits that are required for show success so it is very important a breeder or grower establish proper guidelines for this determination.  Often the breeder you select to start your rabbitry stock from can help establish a baseline.  Going to shows, watching the judges and listening to comments can also greatly improve this vision.  Proper setup of the animal, touching and feeling are all very important in this process.

Don't be afraid to send animals that do not conform to a processor.  I have learned with the Californian there are traits that just cannot be bred out and have wasted valuable time and resources attempting the process.  Accept your mistakes as a learning experience and move on.  Please do remember, the most expensive animal is not always the best so do your homework.

I have purchased many an animal and paid good money for most that simply did not provide the results I was hoping to acquire.  When I purchase, I breed and if things don't work out, process.  With my breed being a meat breed, shoulder width, high arching back and a good full hindquarters are essential to success as these define capacity and potential for meat.

Sliver Pond established a processing program that is critical to growth.  It is important to have an outlet for rabbits that do not meet our standard.  I know many sell these off as cheap breeders but this can end up hurting the reputation of the rabbitry and breeder long term.

When processing we use the most human process available and do euthanize using CO2.  We do not bash heads or worse ring necks.  The animals simply go to sleep much like anesthesia but with CO2 they do not wakeup.

Remember, keep the best and process the rest.

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