Market Rabbits


At Sliver Pond we breed only purebred Californian (Cal) rabbits that exhibit excellent meat and fur quality.  These rabbits have proven to be very competitive in the show ring.

4-H Market Rabbits are "For Sale" from April through September.  We breed specifically for Marion, Shelby, Union, Richland, Ross, Hartford, Morrow, Hocking, Ashland, Coshocton and Fairfield County Fairs in Ohio. However production quantities are based on demand so it is always best to place your name on our reservation list by sending an email to or calling/texting (419)560-1877 so we can allocate does accordingly.  At Sliver Pond during Fair season we breed does weekly so will most likely have rabbits to meet your fair requirements.  If you need market rabbits please contact us with Fair name and maximum weight requirements to check for availability.  Weight limits are important so we make sure you are reserving the correct age animal to make the project most competitive at the show.


Each rabbit will come with a “Care Kit” with recommendations on proper care to improve chances of success in the show ring.  In addition, the Extension service has requested breeders make feed available to reduce animal health issues and disruption in the growth cycle. Current feed being fed will be available at pickup based on current market prices in 25 and 50 pound quantities. Feed continuation is very important so prices are very competitive.  This feed is not available at TSC and most Farm Cooperatives.  See our feed page for brand and current pricing.

 $20 each 10 or more 
as of January 1, 2017

Market rabbits are purchased to compete in a meat judging show so are destined to be processed.  Pedigrees are not available for these animals, no exceptions.


We will accept reservations up to anticipated quantities based on the number of does bred.  After that number we will offer a position on our waiting list should production exceed expectations or a cancellation occur.  Naturally we cannot guarantee production so if quantities are not generated as expected we will notify those affected as soon as possible so animals can be located.  Typically once kits are over two weeks of age risk of loss diminishes greatly.  We do have a history of typical average production per doe bred which determines anticipated quantities.  If does cooperate production can potentially double!

Appointments will be scheduled for pick-up at the farm with time slots offered starting at the top of the reservation list.  It is important a cell phone or other easily accessible number is given so you can be contacted easily to anchor an early time slot.

We do not pick or assign rabbits.  All rabbits are selected by the exhibitor.  Selection is an important process for the child learning to detect and pick proper rabbit traits.  Kids that understand what to look for start to develop a much better understanding as they watch Judging and listen to his/her reasons for placing animals in a class.  If your rabbits do not win ask the winner to feel their rabbits and compare to yours so you can actually feel the comparison.  Use this knowledge during selection next year.

No deposit is required for reservations under 10 but please have the courtesy to let us know if a cancellation is required so the animal(s) can be made available.  For reservations greater than 10 a 50% non-refundable deposit is required.  These orders are typically from small breeders that reserve just in case their production fails to satisfy their orders then conveniently cancel at the last minute. We do not accept reservations as a second option so do not contact us until your "preferred" breeder has failed to supply.  These reservations often keep people from obtaining project animals since already reserved.  Payment in cash is to be made in full at pick-up.

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