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January 24, 2017

The rabbitry had a successful 2016.  Processing increased significantly with the threat of a local processor retiring and closing their operation.  To help with the increased work load I found a gentleman that was willing to assist in helping with the farm but also the processing task.  He is a very valuable asset and much appreciated.

2016 has been a very troubling year in the Sliver Pond family.  In November of 2015 we lost my brother, Tim, to lung cancer after about a 9 month battle with the disease. In October 2016 the disease hit again.  This time with my father, Gene, in the form of an inoperable brain tumor.  Both cancers are different but difficult for all involved.  To watch your loved ones deteriorate then die over a slow, painful period certainly is unjust for all.

Dad was very involved with the farm and certainly assisted in all activities and managed the operation when I needed to be away.  His presence whether to assist or just bounce ideas off of will certainly be missed.

Naturally, any farm expansions were cancelled.  I actually obtained building permits just a few days before Dad was diagnosed with cancer.  Since "free" help no longer exists there needs to be some
 adjustments made so the farm can maintain itself before any further expansions are made.  Live animal prices will increase in an effort to help with increased expenses through the more difficult off-season.

Hopefully your year has been better, Tony.

March 31, 2016

2015 was a good production year with a mild Winter, at least in comparison to the last couple. In the Fall we added some new well respected bloodlines into our newly forming New Zealand white herd so have a good base and cross-section of commercial competitive NZW's to go with our Cals.  Since this herd is still building, breeders if any will be limited until Fall.

The rabbitry is doing well and unable to keep up with demand with over 200 does strong serviced by 40 high quality bucks.  Current plans  are for another big expansion to be completed by Spring 2017.  Target is 300 breeding does serviced by 60 bucks. Live sale demand prefers Californian so will be a 2/3 Cal, 1/3 NZW assortment.  We do screen hard so quality will remain high.

Our meat business remains strong supplying the pet food industry but currently exploring expansion into other markets including human and pelts.

Hopefully your programs are having success as well and if you need to turn animals over we do buy them for processing!

February 1, 2015

2014 was a hard year on our pet accumulation.  This Fall we lost farm cat Tripod then a few days after Christmas farm dog Star passed and New Year's Day our 38 year old pony, Nicki passed away.  It is always hard to lose pets so its a good thing the rabbits are not pets!

Now that the Pygmy herd has gone to their new homes that area in the barn has been transformed to accommodate 100 new breeding does. This process has evolved over the last nine months but will be complete for this years Fair breeding that starts in about 3 weeks.  We currently house 190 breeding does for 4H breeding so hopefully this year no one gets turned away due to lack of bunnies.  These 100 new does are not just 100 does but cream of the crop so hopefully quality elevated as well with production.

We do have our breeding schedule and pickup time slots and dates set so we can be pretty accurate in dates and pickup times.

In addition to Californian rabbits we have brought in around 18 quality New Zealand whites from Crawford and Grubb bloodlines.  So far production is poor compared to the Californians but we will continue to work them over to get a good baseline before expanding this herd.

Another expansion is under consideration but the rabbitry already is a heavy time consumer of free time.  Yes, I still consider it a HUGE hobby.  Probably not possible to maintain without the help of my Dad, Gene.

April 9, 2014

Dismantling of the Pygmy herd has gone much faster than anticipated and now have just three does and five bucks remaining.  We hope everybody that purchased animals have been very pleased with their selection and the animals provide all the excitement in the show ring or enhancement to the herd that was anticipated.  Thanks for providing them good homes, Tony.

March 24, 2014

We just posted the entire Pygmy Goat herd for sale.  It took a while for me to convince myself this is the right thing to do so tried to keep them as a bundle, but no longer.  Hopefully these beautiful animals find a nice home.

Rabbitry is going thru another major expansion.  We are now housing over 100 breeding does and 25 very nice bucks to service our market rabbit demand.  In addition our meat production is now well over 15,000 pound of rabbit per year or approximately 3000 head!

Yes, we are still all Californian.  I have this thing about doing things right and focusing my efforts which contributed to dispensing the pygmy herd.

January 29, 2011

We've been busy here preparing for expansion of the rabbitry.  The initial phase will add 27 holes but with the high demand we are experiencing for meat production an even larger expansion will most likely develop into the summer.  Our goal is to enter the market rabbit season with 60 breeding does in production.

Every day seems to bring new lessons here at Sliver Pond.  Unfortunately some are harder lessons learned than others.

Pygmy does are do to start kidding again in the next few weeks so we are looking forward to a great Spring.

November 24, 2010

It has been a very busy 2010 here at Sliver Pond.  The rabbitry has blossomed and Sliver Pond now has exposure all over Ohio and several surrounding states.  Our emphasis remains breeding top quality animals that are competitive in the show ring.  4H season now spans from mid March through mid September.  We started in September preparng for the 2011 season.

With all the farm activity we were only able to participate in three NPGA shows this year posting the following wins:

Sliver Pond Caspian - Senior Reserve Champion Buck and Reserve Champ Buck
Sliver Pond Darci - Junior Reserve Champion Doe
Sliver Pond Despereaux - Reserve Best Wether

Hopefully 2011 will have less scheduling conflicts so we can participate in more NPGA shows.  We are very excited with the quality in our pygmy herd and look forward to competing.  Sliver Pond Genieve, Hank and Ajax are youngsters that have not seen a show ring but we anticipate great success.

As always we continue to make improvements to the herd during the off season in an effort to enhance production quality.  We are also taking this opportunity to expand the quantity of Californian does in production to better meet increasing demands.  Rabbits are bred in groups to produce two monthly kindlings. 

Pygmy does are bred with kiddings expected over the next few months.  Our intentions are to make regular postings in 2011 so check back often.

Hopefully everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.













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