Market Rabbit Judging

The ARBA scorecards below define the point structure for singles, pens and roaster projects.  Descriptions of each follow the breakdown.  Notice the high percentages allocated to fur for singles and roasters.  It is very important to keep fur stain free and intact for judging.  A fine dense coat is preferred. 

On Pen judging we see an entry called uniformity.  This category scores how well the rabbits in the pen conform to each other or what I like to refer to as cloning.  For a pen to do well, both rabbits need to be very nice and as close to twins as possible in body and structure.  This 20 points is broken into four categories with each given 5 points.  The four areas are Meat Type, Condition, Fur and Weight.  Weights within a pen need to be within a couple of ounces.  If the judge can feel a weight difference he will deduct points.

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