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Creation of Sliver Pond

As a youngster in 4-H growing up I always loved animals and looked forward to spring when we could get our 4-H animals.  At that time I favored sheep, rabbits and chickens.

Years passed with college, job and family, all away from the animals, until my daughter came home one night and said she wanted to be in 4-H and take chickens.  What a surprise, but there was only one problem, we lived in town!  Not to dash her hopes we told Sydney we would need to see if these animals were permitted in town.  A call to the Mayor’s office the next day indicated there were no restrictions on farm animals in our town as long as neighbors weren’t complaining.  That first year Sydney had twelve laying hens, eight broilers and six ducks all in our backyard.  At the fair that year Sydney decided the next year she wanted to take goats.  So as a family we went to all the goat shows at the county fair; Pygmy, Dairy and Meat and grew fond of the Pygmy goat.  Pygmies it is, as well as Market Rabbits so she would have something for the fair sale.  The first year Pygmies were a bust but she did win Reserve Grand Champion Market Rabbit.  The following year we acquired a couple more Pygmies and had the Reserve Champion Market from prior year bred for the fair.  The second year her Pygmies did well but the rabbits were a bust.  After the fair the fall of 2005 we took the goats to our first NPGA (National Pygmy Goat Association) show and to our surprise all her animals placed and her wether won “Best Wether” over at least 70 wethers.  To say the least the Pygmy herd grew from there. 

Sliver Pond has grown to its current state since Fall of 2005 when we acquired our first four Californian Breeders.  Fall of 2006 we purchased our first Pygmy buck to produce our first offspring in the Spring of 2007 when we registered the Sliver Pond herd name.  We continued to acquire the best animals we could afford in Pygmies and Californian Rabbit’ creating what is now known as “Sliver Pond”, all starting as many do, from a 4-H project the year 2004.

Sliver Pond has grown to produce animals that are very competitive in the show ring at both the ARBA and NPGA shows.  

Naming of Sliver Pond

Many mistake Sliver Pond as Silver Pond, then ask how did you come up with the name Sliver Pond?  Well. Silver Pond probably would have worked to go along with my graying hair, but when we started thinking of herd names we were looking for our own identity.  We brainstormed for several days but the one name that kept resurfacing was Sliver Pond.  As the herd started in our backyard in town there was limited space.  We enjoyed the backyard and had two small fish ponds in the yard.  Therefore Sliver (for small) Pond was named.

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