Rabbit Buyer

Sliver Pond will purchase those unwanted rabbits for processing.  We accept rabbits of all breeds for processing if the rabbit has a weight over 4 pounds.  Smaller rabbits simply do not justify the effort.  Rabbits with questionable health will not be accepted.  This includes those that are all skin and bone.  If you can feel the skeletal system there is no value for these processed.  Please address your animal health issues to gain herd value.  Any medicated animals must be past any withdrawal periods prior to delivery. 

Prices are determined based on residual after processing and processing effort involved.  Many "meat" breeds simply do not compare to residual after processing and meat to bone ratio of the Californian and New Zealand breeds.  Simply go to any all breed meat rabbit show and see what competes!

Currently paying:

Californian & New Zealand >7 pound - $1.00/pound
Californian & New Zealand 4-7 pound - $1.20/pound
Californian and New Zealand <4 pound - $0.80/pound

All Other Breeds >7 pound - $0.80/pound
All Other Breeds 4-7 pound - $1.00/pound
All Other Breeds <4 pound -  $0.80/pound

Quantities we will accept are limited by freezer space and processing time available for that week.  Please email
tony@sliverpond.com with your head count, anticipated live weight and contact info or call/text 419-560-1877 to set an appointment for rabbit delivery to the farm.  Deliveries are typically only accepted Saturday morning 8:30 to 9:00 am.

Farm is located two mile north of Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338 for travel estimates.  Do consider travel time and gas expense when selecting a processor to maximize profits.

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