Rabbit Feed

Now feeding a Custom Commercial rabbit feed.

Current price is $14.00 for 50 pound or $7.00 for 25 pound.

At Sliver Pond like any rabbitry our largest expense and most critical element in our operation is obtaining a quality feed our rabbits will perform on at the most reasonable price possible.

Since our former feed, ADM Pen Pal Pro, failed to drop back to pre-drought price levels after the drought we were forced to find a new feed.  After talking with a few fellow growers I decided to try Rowe feeds.  A call to Rowe and talk with Gene Rowe he decided the Rabbit 16/18 was best for a grower operation like here at Sliver Pond.  After several years using Rowe feed the logistics of obtaining the feed and ever increasing price forced the search for yet another provider.  Rowe feed is manufactured by Premier Feeds who forced restrictions as the feed became more popular.

My new search started with a friend that sold Star Master feeds and the maker of tue famous Star Glo, "Rock Solid" supplement.  Star Master does not have a rabbit formula but did assist and direct me to the mill they used for production.  Interestingly enough this Mill is extremely efficient and produces feed mixes for not only Star Master, but Manna Pro, the Manna Pro "Dumor" brand distributed in TSC, Walmart feeds and many other large feed distributors.  They maintain over 300 feed recipes and all without medication that is in many popular rabbit feeds using Bovatec (lasalocid).

Sliver Pond being a grow-out operation I settled on a feed similar to the Manna Pro Gro formulation.  This feed has 18% protein but a higher fat content than "Gro".  Both protein and fat increase gains so we do controlled feedings.  A rabbit over 6 pounds receives 6-8 ounces (by weight) each day.  Any nursing does with litters have choice until the kits are weaned then she drops back to 6-8 ounces.  Breeders have been maintaining conditioning well and for those that could no longer stay in the breeding program had minimal fat when processed.  Fat breeders will not produce!  In fact, most breeders brought in for processing are loaded with fat inside so the grower was wasting money on feed and wasted their investment on the rabbit.

 I also had a fellow breeder that had issues in their rabbitry and took animals to the Ohio Department of Agriculture Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory where they determined the problem was Coccidiosis driven from high protein feed and lack of feed conversion.  Just another reason to buy quality feed and avoid over-feeding.


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